Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival

“The aim of the Bretton Woods Conference was the creation of a dynamic world community
in which the peoples of every nation will be able to realize their potentialities in peace.”

Henry Morgenthau, Chairman 1944 Bretton Woods Conference & United States Secretary of the Treasury.

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Inauguration of the Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival

* Addressing Poverty Within a Universe of Abundance *

1 Common Dish ~ 1 Shared Spoon

The Generosity of the Spirit

December 1-8, 2019 

You are invited to attend part or all of the Inauguration.

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The Inauguration 

“On the threshold of the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, we enter into unprecedented times in the history of Turtle Island (North America). Red people and white people alike, all peoples have reached the crossroads where we need to be guided by the ancestral intelligence and the spiritual wisdom of Mother Earth — if there is going to be any hope for the future unborn nations to come.  As our indigenous prophecies have foretold, this is the time to come. And it has arrived.

If the collective healing of our hearts, heads, and hands are open to new ways of knowing and understanding, then together we can make life, our lives better in the areas of environmental stewardship, world peace, eradication of poverty and famine, along with the establishment of a new monetary model. For with each passing day the present systems, life itself is proving that it cannot sustain itself much further.  Hence the saying “business as usual is over”.  So let us take these words to heart and, together, step forth — out of the dawning recognition that WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”

At long last.

Ka’nahsohon Kevin Deer Mohawk Faith Keeper who on Sunday, 
May 6, 1990 helped initiate the call for the return of the Peacemaker, within us all.

Debbie Sakakohe Delisle, Community Mobilization Facilitator & Daughter of
Grand Chief of Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, Andrew Tahanekoka’te Delisle

Mohawk Faithkeeper Ka’nahshon Deer, Debbie Sakakohe Delisle, Community Mobilization Facilitator & Daughter of Grand Chief of Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, Andrew Tahanekoka’te Delisle, and participants in the Presidential Suite of the Mt. Washington Hotel, in Bretton Woods, N.H.

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~  Our Offering  ~

Will begin together at the base of Mount Kodaakwadjo, the original Abenaki name for what is now known as Mount Washington and at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA on Sun-day, December 1, 2019. The Inauguration will encompass the full cycle of the week on the “bridge” over the Thanks-Giving Tide into the Advent Season leading up to Hanukkah, Christmas and the Winter Solstice.

Sunday, December 1: Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH.

Unless otherwise stated the gatherings are held in the Grand Ball Room.

7:00 am: Sunrise Ceremony, including a Ceremonial Welcome by representatives of our Native American Nations. The sunrise ceremony will lead into the ceremony of the “Three Bare Words,” whereby our minds are put at ease by the wiping away of our tears, the cleansing of our ears, and the removing of the age old lump in our throats. For we all carry the wounds of loss, death, despair and pain. These traumas are ceremonially addressed at the outset of our deliberations, in order to embark in good spirits upon the historic work before us. Location: Presidential Terrace.

9:00: Breakfast

10:00: Ceremonial Protocols

11:30: Youth Servant-Leadership Summit

1:00: Lunch

2:00: Native Caucus & Gatherings of Working Circles

5:00: Inaugural Dinner: Blessings by Indigenous Grandmothers followed by One Dish with One Spoon Ceremony.

7:00: Evening Celebration: The celebration will begin with the song “One World” by the celebrated folk-singer Joanne Shenandoah of the Oneida Wolf Clan that was premiered at “The Bretton Woods IV Convocation.” Resonances of the opening song, “One World” will resound in the Declaration/Speaking out by the participants of the original inspired [un-anglicized] names of their nations, beginning here on “Turtle Island,” with the Native Peoples of this land and continuing with the United States and the name of its nation’s capitol, the “District of Columbia.”

Words of Welcome by inaugurators will set the historic Bretton Woods stage, followed by Keynote Addresses by Futurist Hazel Henderson and Chief Arvol Looking Horse. Contributions of music, dance, song, verse, the word — and a 5-Directions Round Table and Plenum will follow — surrounded by exhibitions of the precious gifts, arts and crafts, of the citizens of New Hampshire’s “Northern Kingdom.”

Evening’s End: The opening celebration will end with a soliloquy by Dr. Patch Adams, a tribute in memoriam to Bernard Lietaer, and a fairy tale inscribed by a representative of He who the Hopi Prophesy refers to as “The True White Brother.” In the Spirit of Tolkien’s beloved “Lord of the Rings,” the fairy tale honors “All Our Relations.” At evening’s end one and all are invited to step out onto the hotel’s enveloping portico to lift their gazes to Mount Kodaakwadjo/Mount Washington and on up to the starry script of the heavens.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers & Presenters:  Doug George-Kanentiio, Louise Herne, Mohawk Nation Bear Clan Mother, Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset~Sherri Mitchell, Native American attorney, author, and teacher, Patricia Anne (Loving Peace-Maker) Davis, Ellen Brown, Dr. Patch Adams, Ka’nahsohon Deer, Paul Glover, Chief Caring Hands, Ken Pentel, Daniel Osmer, Mihaela Ulieru, Kimchi Moyer, Andrea Lynn Dasoli, Mike Nadjiwon, Richard Kotlarz, Connie Baxter-Marlow, Fei Yang-Sady and Bryce Sady, Edward Hall III, Grandmother Sagaligesgw, Chief Earl Burley & Daughter Flower, Heidi Fritz Martinez, Johnny Ford, Ronald McDowell, Ivan Orellanos, Andrew Cameron Bailey, Jay Amaran, Stuart-Sinclair Weeks, and an address in memoriam for, and on behalf of:

~  Bernard Lietaer  ~

Miha Pogacnik, Violinist and Slovenian Cultural Ambassador

Invitations are being extended to: i) representatives of the younger generations, including Greta ThunbergVictoria GrantXiye Bastida PatrickFei Yang-Sady & Flower Burley, a blossoming singer of Native-American & African-American lineage. Xiye, Fei, and Flower are confirmed.

Presentations will be made on the subjects introduced in the Welcoming Letter on the home page of our web site, beginning with a history of Bretton Woods.

The ongoing deliberations of the “Working Circles” of economists and financiers — who, along with interested fellow citizens, are addressing our monetary misfortunes — will be reported out in plenum to invite concise feedback once a day. 

~  Our Ongoing Offering  ~

Taking up Henry Morgenthau’s opening words, with respect to “the creation of a dynamic world community in which the peoples of every nation will be able to realize their potentialities in peace,” the Inauguration welcomes the participation and realizations of fellow citizens of Good Will from EVERY nation on our earth.

Those attending from the nations of the world will do so on behalf of circles of fellow citizens in their home lands. Throughout the week, those circles of citizens around the world will be gathering with us in companion Inaugurations. Plans are in the works to “conference in” one Inauguration from each continent on earth.

The attendees at Bretton Woods are invited, one and all, to join and help round “The Bretton Woods Global Working Circles” in Monetary Matters, the Arts, Finance, Education, Technology, Banking, Science, Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Agriculture, Public Service, Law, Religion, Ecology, Business and related professions. For information contact < >.

Co-chairs of each “Working Circle” include:  a Representative of the Youth, a fellow Native-American, a fellow African-America, a fellow Latin-American, an interested Fellow Citizen; and a Nationally/Internationally recognized Leader in each profession.

The “Working Circles” will begin working prior to the December gathering in preparation for the Inauguration.

One and all are encouraged to both consider, and expand upon, Gandhi’s “Eight Blunders,” which the Mahatma spoke of as “the cause of all the violence in the world”: Wealth without Work. Pleasure without Conscience. Knowledge without Character. Commerce without Morality. Science without Humanity. Worship without Sacrifice. Politics without Principles and Rights without Responsibilities.


Jay Apicelli, of the Partnership for Restorative Justice, speaking to Bretton Woods IV participants gathered at the Littleton Community Center, in Littleton, NH.

That is, as opposed to participants from around the country and world flying into the splendid Bretton Woods resort — surrounded by some of the more depressed counties in New Hampshire and the nation — and then flying on out again, we will consider, together, if/how the fruits of the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference contributed to the depression and impoverishment spoken of. And, charity beginning at home, “The Bretton Woods Global Working Circles” will act locally/thinking globally to create a universal model for economic and cultural development, a “Northern Kingdom.” Inspired by the vision, “The Last Will Become the First,” servant-leaders, the fruits of this work together will be shared with fellow citizens in sister-communities around the country and overseas.

As outlined in the following attachment, available in two formats, the Inauguration will journey to North Conway on Monday, Berlin on Tuesday, Colebrook on Wednesday, Lancaster on Thursday, Littleton on Friday, and Franconia on Saturday.

Community Invitation, PDFCommunity Invitation, DOCX

On Sun-day, December 8, one and all are invited to return to the Mount Washington Hotel to draw the Inauguration of “The Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival” to its conclusion.

The festivities on the final day will include a concert and choral offerings by the “Northern Kingdom’s” community and church choirs/choruses, featuring Sibelius’s celebrated song, “Finlandia”: This is my song, O God of all the nations… and Paul McCartney’s “Pipes of Peace”: I light a candle to our love. In love our problems disappear… 

Along with the concert and choral offering, summaries of the “Bretton Woods Global Working Circles” deliberations, and resultant initiatives, will be presented to our fellow citizens, including New Hampshire’s governor, its public servants, and the presidential candidates.  

With Gandhi “Eight Blunders” in mind, each “Bretton Woods Global Working Circle” will, as noted, address from its sphere of influence the overarching vision of the Inauguration: How, to repeat and emphasize, can we contribute toward “the creation of a dynamic world community in which the peoples of every nation will be able to realize their potentialities in peace”?

The presidential candidates will be given half again the time that President Lincoln took in his celebrated Gettysburg Address to get to the “quick,” the heart of the matter with respect to the deeper underlying ISSUE that waits to unite us, amidst the flurry, the legion of issues, “the issues” that distract and divide us, the People, We. We look forward to further historic addresses.

The Inauguration will end at the Mount Washington Hotel with the planting of the seed of Fellowship, a fellowship of “Debtors Anonymous.” In the 12 Step tradition — one of the greatest gifts that our aspiring United States has given to the world — “Debtors Anonymous” has inspired countless fellow citizens in our country and in countries around the globe, 30 nations and counting, to get their financial houses in order. As with the kindred 12-Step fellowships, “Debtors Anonymous” has MUCH to offer our nation and the greater Community of Nations.

For detailed schedule contact:

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Photo Gallery from 2015 Bretton Woods Convocation (if password required, enter concordium)

Carl, Genesis, and Guinevere Bright, of the Bright Family Gospel Singers, perform during a program of concerts in the Presidential Suite area of the Mt. Washington Hotel, in Bretton Woods, N.H., on the final day of the Bretton Woods IV Convocation, on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. Photo by Jim Peppler. Copyright Jim Peppler 2015.