Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival

“The aim of the Bretton Woods Conference was the creation of a dynamic world community
in which the peoples of every nation will be able to realize their potentialities in peace.”

Henry Morgenthau, Chairman 1944 Bretton Woods Conference & United States Secretary of the Treasury.




The fundamental problem with our current monetary system is that it is what is referred to as a “mono-culture.” It lacks the diversity the ensures life, a prosperous existence for all. To ensure such diversity, three different kinds of currencies are essential: (1) an inflation-proof global complementary currency  designed to stabilize the world economy;  (2) business-to-business currencies designed to counteract the effects of conventional money shortages during periods of economic crises and  contraction; and (3) community currencies that address a variety of social problems and strengthen the fabric of society.

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