Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival

“The aim of the Bretton Woods Conference was the creation of a dynamic world community
in which the peoples of every nation will be able to realize their potentialities in peace.”

Henry Morgenthau, Chairman 1944 Bretton Woods Conference & United States Secretary of the Treasury.


Public Money

Public [Interest] Banks

calls The United States is the anomaly with just 1 public bank, the State Bank of North Dakota. In some of the most robust economies around the world, including Germany, China, India, Canada, and Australia, public banks are key players in local and national economic development. An overview of public [interest] banking at:

For example, for the past 200 years, public banks in Germany have provided access to affordable credit and have been a stabilizing influence in the German economy. See Inside the Savings Banks Finance Group 2016. In China and India, which collectively make up 40 percent of the global population, 70-80 percent of banks are publicly owned. In China, the People’s Bank public banks are funding massive infrastructure and renewable energy projects at unprecedented speed. In Alberta, Canada, the publicly-owned Alberta Treasury Branches connect nearly every town in a shared credit system that provides financial services to over 740,000 Albertans and Alberta-based businesses.