The Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival

~ Global Bretton Woods Working Circles ~

“The aim of the Bretton Woods Conference was the creation of a dynamic world community
in which the peoples of every nation will be able to realize their potentialities in peace.”

Henry Morgenthau, Chairman, Bretton Woods Conference, US Secretary of the Treasury

Dear Friends,

We invite you to participate in the Inauguration’s Global Bretton Woods Working Circles in your profession and related trade.

The Circles are the framework for the work of The Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival.

The Working Circles encompass the breadth of professions/trades: banking, business development, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, fintech, health care, public service, law, science, technology, education, the media, war and peace, religion/spirituality, the arts, agriculture, the environment, household management (economia), and community building. Further proposed professions are welcome.

The Working Circles are constituted of both global experts and fellow citizens endowed with common sense expertise. Participants represent the breadth and richness of humanity. What they share in common is the commitment to working toward the fulfillment of Morgenthau’s opening words: a future worth envisioning for our children, grandchildren, and for the generations to come: All Our Relations.

Each Global Bretton Woods Working Circles will have a minimum of 8 co-chairs. One of the elements that distinguishes the Working Circles is that the co-chairs and Circle participants themselves include those whose voices and angles of vision to date have been all too seldom heard and allowed to enrich such work in and for our times. These include students and young professionals with fresh and novel perspectives on the problems-challengesopportunities that face us, if not we often enough them.

Balanced by gender, the co-chairs are: i) a representative of the youth, ii) a fellow Native-American, iii) a fellow African-American, iv) a fellow Latin-American, v) a fellow Asian-American; vi) a fellow Arab-American; vii) an interested fellow citizen, and viii) a global expert. 

This work of the Circles will be facilitated by a deliberative “ceremonial” change process that is not only indigenous to this land but universal in its applications and unprecedented in its possibilities, as well as by a cutting edge technological platform. 

The change process recognizes and moves beyond the competitive, dualistic thinking — that otherwise all too often undermines our deliberations — and facilitates instead co-design, co-creative solutions. Such solutions are preeminently win/win, life-affirming and thereby unprecedented, as noted, in their effectiveness.

Attendance at the December Inauguration of The Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival is not required for participants in the Working Circles. Companion Inaugurations will be held in other states and lands.


Jay Apicelli, of the Partnership for Restorative Justice, speaking to Bretton Woods IV participants gathered at the Littleton Community Center, in Littleton, NH.

~  ~  ~

“To act collectively is according to the spirit of our institutions.”

Henry David Thoreau

^ Participants in The Global Bretton Woods Working Circles are fellow citizens, who recognize the opportunity to make a difference, an historic difference, via the global platform that Bretton Woods offers for your own related labors and/or aspirations. The Bretton Woods Inauguration marks not only the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. This decisive election year before us, 2020, is also the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, an opening scene in the formation of our aspiring United States. The times are auspicious, ripe, we believe, with possibility.  

^ The focus of the Working Circles will be the creation of a universal model for economic and cultural renewal. Inspired by the words, the last are destined to become the first, the model envisioned will arise not only in NH’s largely impoverished “North Country” with Bretton Woods, an island in its midst. 

But, in this the celebrated anniversary year, the model will be offered for adaption and adoption to sister-communities the world over. The first sister-communities are arising among leading citizens who are participants in the Working Circles in Tuskegee, Alabama, the soul of black America, and our neighbors to the North and South: the Mohawk Community of Kanawake, Canada. Conversations have begun with Working Circle participants connected with in San Cristobal Chiapas, Mexico.

^ The Circles will work toward the fulfillment of the opening vision proclaimed by Morgenthau by addressing the question:

How can each Working Circle (banking, the arts, education, health care, public service etc.), how can each profession, including the military itself, contribute toward “the creation of a dynamic world  community in which the peoples of every nation will be able to realize their potentialities in peace”?

Morgenthau’s words, spoken as a Second World War drew toward its devastating end, offer an antidote to the specter, in the minds of many, of a third World War.

On Sunday, December 8th, preliminary reports of the Global Bretton Woods Working Circles will be offered in the Grand Ball Room of the Mt. Washington Hotel to the presidential candidates for their campaigns, as well as to New Hampshire’s public servants, along with the media and representatives of every state in our nation and every nation on the earth, who are invited to attend the Inauguration of The Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival.

Accompanying the preliminary reports will be concrete initiatives that have risen out of the work. Examples of such initiatives are noted in the following.

After the preliminary reports and initiatives have been presented to NH’s public servants and the presidential candidates for their campaigns, the candidates will be invited to respond to the Global Bretton Woods Working Circles’ contributions to the fulfillment of Morgenthau’s vision, the promise of peace. 

Each Working Circle will convene on-line 3 times before the December 1-8, 2019 Inauguration of The Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival.

Those moved to take part in the Global Bretton Woods Working Circles are invited to name the Working Circle to which you would like to dedicate your efforts and send to < > your name and e-mail address, along with a photo and paragraph description of the essence of your professional work and/or interest, accompanied by any web sites, facebook pages, linked-in or other social media links that you wish to share.

Gwendolyn Hallsmith, speaking at the Bretton Woods IV Convocation: Live Free and Prosper

~ ~ ~

The Initiatives are not limited to those noted in the following. Any participant in a Working Circles can propose an initiative to her/his fellow participants to be considered for presentation on December 8th on the final day of the Inauguration. As noted, the Working Circle are the framework for the work of The Bretton Woods Monetary Institute & Festival.

^ The Bretton Woods Monetary Institute’s Year 1 Keystone Project, “The Concord Resolution” that offers a proposal for getting our global “House” in order.

^ The Bretton Woods Festival’s Year 1 Keystone Project: The completion of Dr. Patch Adams Gesundheit Hospital that addresses ALL the problems of health care under one roof.

^ The presentation of The Concord Noble Award for Peace. 

^ The Inauguration of the North Country Student Council in Servant-Leadership

^ Working solutions to our global monetary misfortunes.

^ The introduction of the rising wave of Spiritually Responsible Investing.

^ The presentation of the National Amends Offering.

^ The launching of the Earth Scouts & Consumption Management US, in response to our global climate crisis.

^ The presentation of the Citizens Movement To Revive the Spirit of Public Service.

^ The proposal of an alternative economic index that offers a more accurate and complete indication of our labors and, thereby, fosters greater prosperity.

~  ~  ~

The following sequencing of an Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process is a proposed template for the Working Circles’ conference calls in the education profession for the purpose of unifying participants for consensus in designing the collective solutions:

Thus, we as educators can contribute to the “the creation of a dynamic world community in which the peoples of every nation will be able to realize their potentialities in peace.” 

1) Welcoming Word:

2) Introductions: your name, work, and where you are calling from. (Further biographical information will be visible on the conference platform.)

3) What aspect of our educational system do you identify as in most need of our collective change efforts? 

4) Prioritize the top 3 aspects for further consideration.

5) What is the root cause behind each of three identified aspects? 

6) How do you propose undoing and dismantling the root causes? 

7) What creative solutions can undo and dismantle the root causes and, thereby, contribute toward creating a peaceful and prosperous future worth envisioning for our youth and the generations to come? Note: The focus is on systemic changes not merely coping. 

8) How can these solutions be best introduced into the educational system? 

9) What is the first step that each of us can take in the implementation? 

10) Reflections.

11) Next steps/meeting.

12) Concluding word.

~ ~ ~

Photo Gallery for 2015 Bretton Woods Convocation (if password required, enter concordium )

(L-R) Benoit Lamontague, with the N.H. Division of Economic Development; Anne M. Sullivan, Administrative Director of the Tillotson Center; and Rick Tillotson, shares info about the Tillotson Center’s history, with participants at the Tillotson Center in Colebrook, NH on the Fourth Day of activities in the Bretton Woods IV Convocation, on Friday, October 2, 2015. Photo by Jim Peppler. Copyright Jim Peppler 2015.